Olivier Leroy

How Swimmers Can Stay Focused When Things Get Tough

A way to get through tough moments in training and competition is using “what ifs.” Here’s how to use them to steel yourself for adversity under pressure.

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The Mental Strategy Caeleb Dressel Used to Win Five Olympic Gold Medals

At the Tokyo Olympics, Caeleb Dressel won five gold medals under tremendous expectations. His strategy for dealing with pressure? Swimming one race at a time.


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6 Cool Things That Happen When Swimmers Improve Their Mindset

Feeling inspired to take your swimming to the next level? Here are 6 benefits of mental training for competitive swimmers.

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3 Ways Swimmers Can Get Better at Handling Pressure on Race Day

Swimmers often struggle to swim fast under pressure. Here are three things you can start doing at practice today to “choke proof” your swim meets.

3 Ways Swimmers Can Get More from Their Swim Practices

Swimming fast on race day means swimming well in practice. Here are three things swimmers can do to crank up their swim practices.

How to Be More Fearless During the Main Set

The main set is the meat potatoes of your swim practice. Are you giving it all of the effort that your swimming and big goals deserve?

3 Ways Swimmers Can Manage Distractions on Race Day

There’s lots going on when you step up on the blocks. Here is how to manage internal and external distractions so that you can swim fast when it matters most.

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How Swim Coaches Can Help Develop Highly Motivated Swimmers

Hey coaches–Here are some long-term strategies that you can use to help motivate your swimmers so that they maximize their time in the water.

7 Ways for Swimmers to Build Confidence as Pre-Race Anxiety Kicks In

You’ve trained long and hard to perform your best on race day. Here is how to keep those pre-race jitters from holding you back from swimming like a champ.

Fast Swimmers Learn from Their Failures

Every swimmer will encounter adversity and failure on their journey in the pool. The fast swimmers are the ones who learn from their setbacks.

A Swim Practice to Help You Develop Legendary Closing Speed

This swim practice is designed to give you the endurance to come back strong on the back half of your races. Let’s get after it.

My Favorite Trick for Helping Swim Practice Go By Faster

Swim practices can drag on when our mind wanders. Here is one of my favorite ways of staying ‘in the moment’ which will also help you swim faster.

Try this goal setting strategy if you are struggling with hard goals

Big goals are great. But often, open goals, or “curiosity goals” can be just the thing we need to accomplish hard things in the water.

Try This Dryland Tip to Fire Up Your Freestyle Kick

Want to power up your kick? Here’s a quick dryland tip you can use to unleash a faster and more powerful freestyle kick in the water.

Why Your Coach Makes You Train Your “Off” Strokes

We all have the things we excel at—and things we don’t—in the water. Strokes included. Here is why coach is having you train them.