Introducing The HydroX™

“The HydroX suit is absolutely fantastic, I love the compression around my legs,” notes Olympic gold medalist James Guy.

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Track Your Head Position With The FINIS Smart Goggle

With this breakthrough, the FINIS Smart Goggle powered by Ciye™ enables any swimmer to see their head position after every swim.

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Elevate Your Training With The Break-Away & Power Harness From Swim Smart

The Swimming Power Harness is an upgrade to the typical waist belt used by parachutes and Power Towers.

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Swim Into 2023 With Powerful Open Finger Technique

When swimmers pull through the water with their fingers slightly opened (about 5-10 mm apart), they push more water.

Shop A3 Performance’s Most Innovative Tech Suit Ever & More On Black Friday

This Black Friday, get up to 50% off A3 Performance products like VICI, BODIMAX, Backpacks, and more – the lowest price of the year!

Swim Smart Gift Guide

Swim Smart’s gift guide has something for everyone, from minnows and sharks to coaches and parents, see how they can help you get better this season.

How Open-Finger Swimming With Aqua Knuckles Will Make You Faster In The Water

When swimmers pull through the water with their fingers slightly opened (about 5-10 mm apart), they push more water….

More Gear

Tips For Open Water Swimming In The Winter from Olympic Medalist Keri-anne Payne

If you’re hoping to swim throughout the coldest months of the year, open water Olympian and dryrobe® Ambassador Keri-anne Payne is here to help.

All About Confidence: Walsh Sporti Collection Brings Fresh New Vibes to the Sport

Alex Walsh and Gretchen Walsh can add something new to their seemingly endless list of accomplishments: designing a swimsuit collection.

Alex and Gretchen Walsh Sporti Swim Collaboration Behind The Scenes

The Walsh Sisters go behind the scenes unpacking the process behind their Sporti Swim Collaboration, the media creation, and what’s coming next…

Swim Smart Education

Use your winter break wisely to help educate yourself, your swimmers, your staff and even your parents to build a team everyone wants to be on!

Alex and Gretchen Walsh Make History with Sporti Swim Collaboration

They’ve called them a once in a generation dynasty – Alex and Gretchen Walsh are taking the world of swimming by storm.

SwimSmart’s Push & E-Paddles Will Help Elevate Your Performance To The Next Level

SwimSmart’s Push Paddles and E-Paddles will help refine certain aspects of your technique to make you faster in the water.

How Aqua Knuckles Can Help Swimmers Move Faster Through The Water

Aqua Knuckles help swimmers get faster by utilizing muscle memory for open finger swimming technique.

One World. One Game. One Goal. Global Anti Goal – Made In Australia

The Anti Wave Global Anti Goal has quickly become a world favorite for training and competition polo facilities around the world.